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Frog Swimming School

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SATURDAY 16 - 17 h

SUNDAY 12 - 13 h

Do you remember when you learned to swim? Who taught you and where? Somewhere at sea, perhaps? You were probably so little that you might not even remember.


However, you are parents now, and it’s normal to think that your child should learn to swim.

If so, you’re in the right place.


Swimming is a skill once learned and used for life. So, every child should learn to swim, and that experience should be pleasant.


Science says that children learn new skills best through play, in a safe environment, and under professional guidance.

The Frog Swimming School came up with the idea: to be a pleasant and safe place for your little one, where they will:

  • learn to swim
  • hang out with the kids
  • adopt healthy habits and
  • spend quality time.


Through fun and play, the child will be introduced to a new environment.

They will free themselves from the fear of water (if any), and develop a positive attitude towards staying and activities in the water. Learning to swim won’t be traumatic for them, as it can be, but a pleasant experience.

The little ones will have a good time and learn to enjoy, feel and respect the water.

As parents, we know that there is no better feeling than pride when our child masters new skills – when through small achievements they build self-confidence for big challenges.


If for a moment we present life as one big pool, the Frog Swimming School gives children the knowledge and courage to dive into it.


and arrange your little one’s arrival for a free first class.


See you at the Frog!


SATURDAY 16 - 17 h

SUNDAY 12 - 13 h




The initial group includes non-swimming frogs with whom we aim to develop an adaptation to a new environment. We learn the basic elements to stay in the water and keep in the water without fear.



After we got loose and loved the water, we began to learn strokes for the techniques of freestyle and backstroke.




Frogs who have successfully mastered the previous level move into an advanced group where they perfect what they have learned and start learning the styles of breaststroke, butterfly, and jumping into the water.




In agreement with the trainer, there is the possibility of organizing individual classes. Work methods are adjusted according to each swimmer individually, which speeds up the adoption of new techniques and makes the entire learning process even more efficient.


SATURDAY 16 - 17 h

SUNDAY 12 - 13 h

Swimming Pool of the Institute of Sport in Košutnjak

72, Kneza Višeslava Street

In terms:
– Saturday 4-5 pm

– Sunday 12-1 pm

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